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We have 72 hectares of vineyards with DOCa Rioja in San Adrián and 90 hectares assigned to the DO Rueda in Pozaldez.

Our vineyards are the result of the constant search for the best lands and the best mass selections of the most representative varieties (Tempranillo, Graciano, Verdejo...).

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DOCa Rioja

Historical and unique vineyards

Among our Rioja estates, “Los Mejicanos” stands out, a 43-hectare plot overlooking the Ebro Valley and a sea of vineyards and which, curiously, is the origin of more than 25% of the current Rioja vineyard. Tempranillo from the DOCa Rioja, since for many years it has been an inexhaustible source of shoot production for nurserymen producing vine plants. Furthermore, the four most representative varieties of the appellation coexist on the estate itself: Tempranillo (24 hectares), Graciano (11 hectares), Garnacha (5 hectares) and Mazuelo (3 hectares).

Our wines

DO Rueda

Pre-phylloxera selections

In DO Rueda, specifically in the municipality of Pozadez, it is on the “La Sombría” estate—the seed of the wine project—where our selection of Prephylloxeric Verdejos reaches its maximum expression. Separated by the Cañada Real we have the “La Chispa” estate, where our Sauvignon Blanc shows its perfumed elegance.

They are soils whose main characteristic is that, under a first light layer of “chinarro”, which cools and heats very quickly and causes large thermal differentials, we find a second layer or clay-calcareous subsoil, which provides stability in the water supply. from the vineyard and finesse and elegance from the calcium carbonate.

Our wines

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